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In the United States, 1944, an experiment was conducted on 40 newborn infants to determine whether individuals could thrive alone on basic physiological needs without affection. The experiment was halted after four months, by which time, at least half of the babies had died at that point. The conclusion was that nurturing is a very vital need in humans. 

My Practice over the past 11 years.

10,000 hours of treatments later, I realize that the healing benefit most incurred is an elementary human need 

( To be cared for and to be touched. ) 


They say 10,000 hours makes you an expert. I say 10,000 hours humble's you. If I can refine the sum of my experience it would be " - at the heart of the matter, we are all looking to be seen, validated, appreciated & worthy of LOVE."


 I can offer a safe empathetic & caring environment for my clients.  My Sadhana is to SEE YOU & lend my care,understanding, skills & attention to fulfill your healing needs.


Throughout the years, I spent an immense effort towards the treatment of various dysfunctions. I realize that it has been the attention, love & care that is delivered with a touch which has made a lasting impact. In our busy Western society we have become numb to how necessary care, time, attention & touch is in our lives.


Taking time to slow down, be seen - heard & concentrated on with the very human connection that is often passed by in our life - can extend huge healing capacity. The environment of touch - can translate into LIFE as was the case study above.


Just because you've grown up, doesn't mean you don't need touch, or that it doesn't offer an immeasurable amount of spiritual, physical and mental wellness advantages. 


Most are starving for touch and self-care.


Moving forward my energetic FOCUS is on Healing Touch.

I am a Holistic Practioner who has offered INTUITIVE touch in the form of various Massage techniques & laying of hands. 


I am NOT a Registered Massage Therapist. I am a Bodyworker who is versed in the INTUITIVE Arts & has a natural ability to uncover patterns of disharmony & observe through an energetic lens. I have studied techniques in a variety of alternative fields and lend a FUSION experience. 


I have offered approx 10,000 TOUCH SESSIONS to date.





Like our other senses, touch comes in gradations. It is governed by an exquisite array of receptors that can distinguish minute variations in the external environment. Fast, slow, or in between? Hard, soft, or something else? Hot, cold, warm? Some receptors react only to caresses. Some send pain signals. Some tell us that we have an itch. Each type activates a different part of the brain, making us feel soothed or hurt, comfortable or distressed, angry or calm.


In his recent book “Touch: The Science of Hand, Heart, and Mind,” the Johns Hopkins University neuroscientist David Linden cites “the electric touch of romantic love, the unsettling feeling of being watched, the relief of pain from mindful practice, or the essential touch that newborns need to thrive.” All of these diverse sensations, he writes, “flow from the evolved nature of our skin, nerves, and brain.”

~Maria Konnikova