When you have a deep interest in the Moon and it's Mysteries & How that ties to your own Cycle.

When you have a deep attraction to the Tarot/Divination & Archetypes.

When you are desiring to step into confidence & your feminine - sensual nature.

When you are desiring to find clarity in your gifts & offerings in the world.

When you are looking for clarity around boundaries in relationships.

When you are looking to understand & activate your frequency to manifest your worth.

When you are looking to learn more about the Lunar mansions & how Vedic Astrology & Star alignments govern your timeline and moods.

When you are looking to learn more about creating a powerful foundation on social media to support monetizing your gift.


This Immersion may be the perfect fit for you.


Please watch this video.


1. Your choice of a New Moon or Full Moon Tarot & Ritual ( Monthly ) - this alone is $222 for a Reading ( Read more here )

2.1 on 1 monthly zoom live mentoring (the focus of your choice ( coaching, meditation, teaching, tarot ) $140 on it's own

3. Spot coaching - access to me daily if needed for assurance & accountability for personal development $199 month

4. Monthly teaching on a relevant alignment in astrology - focus on the Lunar Mansions ( Nakshatras ) $77

5.Monthly Movement - a guest or myself will provide a live or pre-recorded movement session to get you in tune with your body. $77

6.Mantra specific for you - to Activate your Frequency $22

7.Bi-Weekly Lunar Meditations based on The Moons placement in Vedic Astrology - how to utilize the Power of the Moon ( first access before anyone else.) $44

8. Tarot Archetype - be the first to have access to a Weekly immersion into the Energetics & Archetypes of the Major Arcana ( workshop-style - each week as a workshop would be $33 x 12 ) - $399

Total Value with individual $3,207

This program will run as a course in the fall for $1,997

Currently, I am pricing this 1 on 1 Mentorship with a limited number of spots at ONLY $999 with a signing bonus in the next 72 hours of ONLY $777 US $.   So for My Tarot Circle, this is basically the price of ONE NEW or FULL MOON reading a month for 3 months.

Monthly payments of $333 for those looking for a monthly option.

This is for you if you are ready to step into your highest alignment

Looking for clarity in your calling

Looking for support through Mystery & Coaching
Are ready to learn & manifest your worth
Are ready to work with the Moon & Your womb
You are ready to invest in you

Please email for any questions

Book a call to see if this is for you - or if it's a FUCK YA! - Go all-in Now - we start on this NEW MOON in August!



"I can't say enough about this beautiful being. and experience, all packaged into the most sincere and heartfelt desire to be of the greatest service to all. Tamara has most surely been heaven sent. I highly recommend any and all of her services. A truly gifted individual!"

   Angela Windrem 


"This woman is amazing has helped me in more ways than I can even list here. Love her to pieces!!"

   Shawna Saulnier


"Tamara is a gifted healer and soul teacher, she offers an authentic and inspiring approach to wellness, that looks at health from all angles! She is truly a lovely being with so much to offer! Highly recommend her teachings and workshops!"

      Tiina Kivinen


"I can't express how much you've helped me. One session with you has helped me more than any counseling"

   Mellissa Johnson




"hello lovey. This was an amazing reading, everything you said felt true to me. Thank you so much for your guidance and love."

   Michelle Pendergast


"Thank you Sister, yes I got my answer and I'm amazed it's exactly what' happening with me."

   Anuradha Roy


"Your readings are scary! Real."

   Ryan H.


"Wow, I loved this, spoke to me so much, and scarily accurate. I've been struggling a little while now and just recently took a week-long break from the online world and took time for myself, and had a very nice realization. I decided to shift my focus to the study of natural medicine and letting other things fall away for now and I feel really happy about my decision.



"Thank you. It's completely on point and resonated with me. I definitely have a calling in this lifetime and need to figure out what it is and go for it. Going through a major career and life change.



"You've turned my week around, so genuine, detailed, and heartfelt. Honestly, you feel like an angel sent to soothe me.



"thank you so much! You have shifted my life path ever so slightly and I’m deeply grateful for the insight and also all the are most definitely a Mystic
Loved meeting you in person. 
By the way, I got a second Interview!



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