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Let me take you to a deeper conversation

Peruse the expressions of my inner world. The sentiments, thoughts & musings abound. Here you can taste little fragments of me, the flavorsof life I've soaked up and found to be soul(full) ~ ecstatic - Deep / Wonderful & authentic to the BONE...


Expect Vulnerable, Courageous dives into the Cosmic self, with wellsprings of Love, Pain & a sensual observation of topics

( Mainly Mystery ).


The answer is in the depths of  YOU.


What do I offer?  Mainly  Thoughts which provoke depth of self.

Secondly, ideas that sometimes manifest as tools of integration for those deep thoughts.


I hope to keep a fluff-free approach for anyone looking to understand this Mad World a little better.


This is a Spiritual Egotism free attempt to break down a little bit of mystery & create space for more authentic connection with self.


Many Spiritual Teachings are void of acknowledging the NATURE of being Human, further removing people from their spirituality. 


I CONCENTRATE on calling out masks/cloaks & making peace with what is. The sooner we love ourself in an imperfectly human state, the more honest our approach with refining unto our Divinity shall be.


Inviting multidimensional awareness through a relationship with self & others.   Sacred space for Divine Feminine & Masculine integration.


Awareness is a starting point, integration is true healing.



16% of the population on this blue, green sphere identify as one of the following four personalities from the Myers Briggs typology. There are a total of 16 types in the Myers Briggs typology.



Specific personalities walk in the world with Intuitive and feeling functions as a primary heartbeat, though 84% of the population finds these types to be;


-too sensitive


-not logical enough


-in the clouds

-hard to understand


-So this demographic is often isolated, judged, left without validation, and in large genuinely lost, depressed, and unwell - often functioning with high levels of anxiety and feeling like they don’t fit in.


This demographic is often very perceptive, intuitive, creative and empathetic. These traits are dominant in the way these types process the world.


( this isn’t to say other personality types don’t also identify with these feelings.)


I offer Conversation that inspires growth, challenges blind faith & encourage’s integration to be as important as awareness.


Seeing societies neurosis and our deep conditioning, we can restore natural order in the way we walk in this word.


Allowance for sensitive and intuitive awareness encourage attunement with our celestial patterning, including lunar rhythms & soul knowing.


When we are suffering in our day to day life, it is often a matter of being in resistance to our true soul call.


When we are conditioned to live a life governed by logic, when we are more attuned to a life of Intuition first, then everything inside will scream until you listen.


Finding authenticity and removing the cloaks of conditioning helps us get to the core of our being and understand the purpose.


Do you accept LIFE?  Are you Living or existing?


Many Spiritual teachers stay away from controversial and intimate subjects.  I believe that we are Spiritual beings having a human experience; therefore humanity can achieve enlightenment without ostracizing people for their human nature.


This shadow work is a means to encourage deep introspection where you can cultivate the strength to learn to be brave instead of stoic.


A BRAVE LIFE is a life of willingness to BREATH.

When you invite the breath of life, your channels open - Prana flows. You grow.


In Duality the suffering is much the levels of health in the union of humankind. This is the concentration of development of the Divine Masculine and Feminine. When we can balance IDA & PINGALA, we will restore health, vibrancy, Joy!


This is an ENERGETIC healing approach — the future medicine of this planet.

All of this will be normal in the future.