I'm Tamara, Wearing many hats but embracing the Hat I Love most! I'm walking in the world as a Leader of Living Consciously & Intuitively - the best I know-how.


Ever so human, I wobble and get back up repeatedly - this strength & knowing helps me extend myself to others.

I've been a Mystical soul who Sees's another lens of life, very devoted to Alternative & Esoteric knowledge I'm often bringing resonance to a community online and IRL.  


I've spent the past 20 years as a Practitioner of Holistic Medicine, Internal Arts, Advocate for Intuitive living & a validated Mystical Entrepreneur!


When I was younger I excelled in Sales, but had a deep desire for a more creative & quiet life! The passion for alternative health, spirituality, typology & being True has led me to share my own healing & success.


As a Tantrika Women who has transmuted the pain of 

Sexual & Domestic violence combined with the societal conditioning & suppression of healthy Sensuality & Ambition -  I am steadfast on sharing the Life span of tools I've acquired.

More Deets.

I've lived in Canada, Europe & The USA

I'm a Momma to 2 Beautiful Teen Boys!

Rumor has it I've offered over 10,000 Treatments ( massage) to date & an equal amount of hours of guidance in the Holistic / Meditative - Spiritual health arena.

I've created & run Brick & Mortar Wellness Clinics & a Studio - and have invested the last 5 years online, learning social platforms & educating myself with a few of the very best Business Strategists in the Online Spiritual arena.


I'm a meditating, Frequency freak, Typology Geek - who loves water & trees and going barefoot. I'm big on fashion pollution and Social Entrepreneurialism.   Vegetarian since age 9! 

I like to share and watch others come out of the dark spaces of poverty mindsets & own their cosmic potential. 

I sing, create, dance & play -

I LOVE hard! 


Beauty amidst the madness - that's the aim!

Tamara Leigh

© 2020 Tamara Leigh / Sensual Mystic