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"Tamara is a gifted healer and soul teacher, she offers an authentic and inspiring approach to wellness, that looks at health from all angles! She is truly a lovely being with so much to offer! Highly recommend her treatments and workshops!"

 Tiina Kivinen



"I feel deeply connected to this amazing holistic practitioner. Her sincere spirit and compassion along with her extensive practical knowledge provide a true healing treatment, no matter what may be ailing me. Definitely an uplifting experience every time."

 Vickie Tikkanen


“This amazing woman has always gone above and beyond to assist me whether it be a massage or nutritional/supplement advice. No one has ever found the points of tension as skillfully as her and I always find relief after a massage treatment. You will always feel welcomed and safe in her space."

 Mandy Prosser


“I can't say enough about this beautiful being. and experience, all packaged into the most sincere and Heartfelt desire to be of the greatest service to all. Tamara has most surely been heaven sent. I highly recommend any and all of her services. A truly gifted individual!”

 Angela Windrem


“This woman is amazing has helped me in more ways than I can even list here. Love her to pieces!!”

Shawna Saulnier


“Extremely knowledgeable and supportive holistic practitioner. Change Maker!! Ox”

Lisa Robbins

I'm simply obsessed with Mysticism & Self discovery. I am deeply invested in lending hope and tools for the aching heart's, while finding an artistic balanced medium to do so.

Blooming Creative Projects

BOOK  Release 2020 

SINGLE Song Recording 2020

TAROT / ORACLE Release 2021